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  Kissed By Inspiration* Wife (Lead) Canton Theatrical
  Sleepers** Jenny (Lead) I SAID CUT Productions
  The Like Letter Mrs. MacDonald (Lead) dir: Mallory Schwartz
  Vino Wife (Lead) dir: Bianca Ramdarsingh
  White Wonder Liz (Lead) dir: Christine Su
  Sweet Revenge Lindsay (Lead) dir: Francesco Tellechea
  Down Under Waitress (Supporting) dir: Sam Rogers
            * 2013 Big Apple Film Festival - Official Selection
            **2012 Silver Telly Award – Winner
  History Boys Director OTRP/dir:Anthony J. Cantalupo
  Talking With… Handler – Caro Edison Valley Playhouse
  Still-Love Barbara Muhlenberg College
  Family Names Sheila Muhlenberg College
  Spring Offensive Honey, Script Girl Muhlenberg College/dir Jeff Weiss
  Pet Funeral Jenny (Lead) Gallatin Summer Lab
Vocal Booth To Go Voice Over Artist Ray Lombardi
PishPosh Baby Shopping Mother Ray Lombardi
Magic Pillow Young Mother TriStar Products
CMIT Solutions Office Worker Steven LaMorte (dir)
Protect Your Bubble Insurance Spokeswoman Ray Lombardi
POSS Test (2012) Melinda Ray Lombardi
Time Warner Media Lab Market Researcher
FFANY Shoe Model Anyi Lu Shoes
POSS Test (2011) Melinda Ray Lombardi
Avenue Social Video Blog Host Ray Lombardi
  THE BARROW GROUP TV/Film; Improv Chris Wells; Mark Grenier
  CNC STUDIOS Improv Jerry Kallarakkal
  MUHLENBERG COLLEGE BA – Theatre Troy Dwyer, Francine Roussel,
   Beth Schachter
Yoga, Swimming, Snow Skiing, Comedic Dancing, TelePrompter
Able to work as local hire: Los Angeles, Seattle, Greensboro
Have access to local housing, but need Visa/Travel Compensation: Montreal, Sydney

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