Always an Actress

I grew up on camera, I wasn’t a child star or anything – my parents video taped everything when I was young; from birthday parties to just quiet afternoons around the house. My sister and I would often put on shows – my mom would read a book and we would act it out for the camera (complete with multiple takes). We also put on plays for our parents when friends would come over, or at family parties. Usually there was some kind of ticket or playbill involved. When we would watch movies – we would act them out. Some of our favorites were Parent Trap (the old version with Haley Mills), the Sound of Music, and Bye-Bye Birdie. I thought all of this was what every kid did – but a few years ago, when I was working on a student film, I was early to the shoot and talking to the director. Somehow all of this acting as a kid came up and she thought it was so random that we did that – she never knew anyone else who did!! Oh well, I guess being an actor is in my blood, it’s always been something I couldn’t live without. I’d love to hear your childhood acting experiences and stories!


Some pictures from my days in the Nutcracker:



I’m sure this is some routine that my sister and I made up at the time:

Makeup and FREE stuff

A few months ago, my friend Courtney became a Mary Kay consultant. She called me up and wanted to do a practice demonstration for my friend and I, and I was surprised about how much I really liked the products…fast forward to a few days ago, Courtney emailed me about a little contest she was doing – to reach $1,000 in sales in a day. For every $10 you spent, you got your name in a hat to win your order for free… and guess what – I won!! Not only do I get some awesome makeup and products, but I get them for free!

She reached 1/2 of her goal – and is still going for the other half – so if you want anything you can help her reach her goal & check out her website here (PS: shipping is always free!):


Some of my favorite products:

Mineral Cheek Color (I like the Sunny Spice)

Foundation Primer

Satin Lips

And I really love their mascara too!



Actor Genie – The Journey

In my previous post, Actors Resources, I mentioned an App for your iPhone or Android called The Actor Genie. Its a really cool App where you can find out what is casting and contact information for Casting Directors, Agents, Managers.

For all you actors out there… they have a new feature called “Why do you want to act?” – you record a video and send it to The Actor Genie, and get featured on the Genie YouTube channel! Its pretty cool, you should check it out!


Here is my video:

Movie Recommendation: Chimpanzee

Ever since I saw the trailer for Chimpanzee, I have been captured by this little guy:

Meet Oscar, a super-cute young chimp living in Africa. This breathtaking documentary from Disney Nature follows his amazing story.  Beautifully shot, Chimpanzee takes you deep into the African Rain Forest. The intimacy they have captured is truly amazing.

They also used time-elapse to show amazing things like a spider building its web & vines growing. It was absolutely beautiful.

The movie is now out on DVD – I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

(You can see the trailer and clips from the movie here:

(photos from Disney Nature &

Road Trip!

Last weekend, my friends and I went on a Road Trip to Niagara Falls/Toronto. We had a great time.


Here we are at the falls:


On the way up to Toronto, we did a wine tasting at Peller Estates (I LOVED their Ice Wine!) and stopped at the Niagara Botanical Gardens.

The Grapes..

Here is a little peak into the Gardens…

In Toronto, we did lots of sightseeing including the CN tower, Casa Loma, the Distillery District. The Distillery District was probably my favorite.

Here we are at Casa Loma…

One of the highlights for us, was a cafe suggested by my friend Allie… it is a board game cafe called Snakes and Lattes. My friends and I LOVE board games, so we had a great time there!! The Cafe has of 2,000 games to choose from and “game gurus” to help you choose games and teach you how to play.

Here is a picture of us playing “Jungle Speed”…


Actors Resources

I often get asked what resources I use as an actor. Here are a few:

For self-submissions:
  1. Actors Access – it is $2 per submission or you pay around $60/70 for a year subscription to showfax and all of your submissions are free. This one has the most legit stuff – it is basically the actors version of what the agents use. Not everything released to agents is on here, but some of the stuff is.
  2. NYCastings – also a small fee per year.
  3. CNC – this one is free – join the yahoo group and you will get emails with casting notices.
  4. Casting Networks – this one is $5 per month. Mostly student films and extra work. I personally don’t use this site anymore, but did find it useful when I was getting started.
  5. Playbill – free – go to “job listings” (left side) and scroll down to sort by only “performer” listings. Mostly (if not all) theatre work.
For knowing what is going on in the biz:
  1. Actor Genie – an app you download for your phone. Provides information on projects that are currently casting; contact information for Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers; as well as a variety of other useful tips. They have a free version, though the full version is only $10 and has more features and info.
  2. Casting About – Around $45/year (per city – separate subscriptions required for NY and LA).  Lists projects that are casting as well as contact information for the casting offices).
  3. IMDB Pro – The most expensive at $16 a month, but has lots of info.



A Few of my Favorite Things

Just for fun, I’ve put together a list of 10 things that make me unusually happy. (please feel free to share your own 10 below!)

(In no particular order)

  1. Drinking water after eating ice cream.
  2. Pull-through parking spaces.
  3. Getting on the car of the train/subway that will let you off as close as possible to your exit.
  4. Tiny versions of anything:
  5. Remembering where you recognize an actor from…without using IMDB! (Oh yes, that IS the guy from that episode of Mad Men where…)
  6. Running home in the rain without your shoes on.
  7. Sleeping with the windows open.
  8. Crossing things off a list.
  9. Seeing a “big time” actor in one of their first roles with only 1 or 2 lines.
  10. Finally remembering the name of the (person, place, restaurant, movie, etc) that has been on the tip of your tongue.