Kissed by Inspiration to Premiere at Big Apple Film Festival

A short film, entitled Kissed by Inspiration, that Marissa starred in will premiere at the Big Apple Film Festival in November 2013.

Shorts Block 11 – Friday Nov 8th at 10pm

Tickets are on sale now: Buy Tickets


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About the film:


Set in the 1950s, Kissed by Inspiration tells the story of an ad campaign fighting for survival.



Barnes has just put the finishing touches on his ‘Dream Girl Lipstick’ campaign proposal. Unfortunately, his boss is not pleased… Barnes must come up with a better ad by the next morning. In the middle of his work, Barnes falls asleep. Magically, the ad comes to life and decides to save Barnes’ job and the campaign – but can they all agree on how they should be immortalized?


A sneak peak… a still from the movie:

Kissed by Inspiration Sneak Peak