Always an Actress

I grew up on camera, I wasn’t a child star or anything – my parents video taped everything when I was young; from birthday parties to just quiet afternoons around the house. My sister and I would often put on shows – my mom would read a book and we would act it out for the camera (complete with multiple takes). We also put on plays for our parents when friends would come over, or at family parties. Usually there was some kind of ticket or playbill involved. When we would watch movies – we would act them out. Some of our favorites were Parent Trap (the old version with Haley Mills), the Sound of Music, and Bye-Bye Birdie. I thought all of this was what every kid did – but a few years ago, when I was working on a student film, I was early to the shoot and talking to the director. Somehow all of this acting as a kid came up and she thought it was so random that we did that – she never knew anyone else who did!! Oh well, I guess being an actor is in my blood, it’s always been something I couldn’t live without. I’d love to hear your childhood acting experiences and stories!


Some pictures from my days in the Nutcracker:



I’m sure this is some routine that my sister and I made up at the time: