Makeup and FREE stuff

A few months ago, my friend Courtney became a Mary Kay consultant. She called me up and wanted to do a practice demonstration for my friend and I, and I was surprised about how much I really liked the products…fast forward to a few days ago, Courtney emailed me about a little contest she was doing – to reach $1,000 in sales in a day. For every $10 you spent, you got your name in a hat to win your order for free… and guess what – I won!! Not only do I get some awesome makeup and products, but I get them for free!

She reached 1/2 of her goal – and is still going for the other half – so if you want anything you can help her reach her goal & check out her website here (PS: shipping is always free!):


Some of my favorite products:

Mineral Cheek Color (I like the Sunny Spice)

Foundation Primer

Satin Lips

And I really love their mascara too!