Making a Splash

I’ve been swimming since before I can remember. I grew up spending summers in my Uncle’s pool. My dad loves to swim and taught my sister and me at a young age. I’ve never been afraid of the water. When I got older, maybe around 3rd grade, we got our own pool. My sister and our friends used to play “Moonlight Olympics” – we’d have jumping contests, races, water volleyball, etc. It was a lot of fun – we even had a theme song! When we went to summer camp at the local community college – part of our lunch hour was spent cooling down in the pool, and I spent the whole time going off the high dive. More recently, I took an adult swimming class. I’ve always been a good swimmer, but never officially learned the different strokes. The class was great because I was able to hone my skills and correct my form. I am nowhere near Olympic level (despite my “Olympic” experience) but can definitely hold my own and was probably one of the best in my class. I love swimming and being in the water – as long as its not too cold!