1,000 Awesome Things

A little over a year ago, I came across this blog, 1,000 Awesome Things. The author posts one “Awesome” thing every weekday; he’s been counting down from 1,000 and is about to reach Number 1! The blog is about appreciating the little things in life, like Finally Remembering who someone is after staring at them for a long timeSpinning in an office chair for no reason, and The Honor System.

The posts are humorous, uplifting and usually make you say, “Yes! That is awesome!”

I hope you check it out and enjoy. The countdown is almost done, but I hope the blog is left up – its a great place to visit on a day where you just need a little smile.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Games You Made Up When You Were A Kid


Getting the eyelash out of your eye

The 5 Second Rule

And one of my VERY favorites:
The Perfect Chicken Wing Partner