The 1960s. There is something so amazing about that decade. Sure, it wasn’t the most empowering time for women. Yes, our country was going through some really rough stuff (Civil Rights movement, Cold War, Assassinations, to name a few). But there is something about that time period that is so appealing.

Ever since I was a kid – my favorite time period has been the 1940s-1960s. My favorite American Girl doll was Molly – so much so that I requested my family to call me “Molly” instead of “Marissa” for a period of time. I wanted to be Molly – living in that wonderful time period. Of course, I didn’t actually think about the fact that her dad was off fighting WWII while mine was safe at home with us every night… but I loved the style and the simplicity of that time.

Sometimes, I wish we could go back to a time before internet, iPhones, HDTV… but then again, I wouldn’t be able to be writing this blog for you right now…

Catch a glimpse into the 1960s with:

Mad Men returning for Season 5 – Starting March 25th

My most recent film, Kissed by Inspiration – Coming Soon (for a sneak peek- check out the picture below – the image on the right is from Kissed by Inspiration!)

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